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To apply, please send resume via email to info@parrottlandscaping.com or call (586) 684-5900 between 10am-2pm Monday through Friday. You may also use the form on the >>CONTACT<< page to inquire.

FALL 2019 :: Accepting applications for: 

  • Landscape technicians: starting pay $16+/hour. Must have a creative interest in landscaping and an eye for fine detail. Prefer at least two years experience. Work includes decks, hardscapes, retaining walls, lighting, edging, tree/shrub and flower planting, drain tiles, etc. Must pass background check, have good driving record and reliable transportation as well as good work references. APPLY NOW >>

  • Lawn Crew (experienced): starting pay $15/hour. Must have at least 2 years experience: straight cut lines at any angle, proper cut and trim height, thorough clean-up, safe work habits, serious eye for quality. Must be reliable and have transportation to/from work. References required. APPLY NOW >>

  • Lawn Crew Leader: starting pay $17+/hour. Must have at least 3-4 years experience in all facets of lawn care with exceptional skills. Must also be organized, patient, able to train and supervise crew, learn routes, and maintain performance and safety standards. Excellent driving record and background check required. Year-round employment available including winter salary plus hourly (see below) APPLY NOW >>

  • Irrigation technician: starting pay $16+/hour. Must have at least 2 years experience and/or certification plus experience. Includes start-ups and diagnosing/repair of residential and commercial systems. Design and installation experience not necessary. Must have excellent driving record and pass background check. References required. APPLY NOW >>

  • Fertilization technician: must be certified for categories 3A, 3B, and 6. Pay negotiable. Must have experience, excellent driving record, and pass background check. Equipment and product provided. References required. APPLY NOW >>

  • Gardeners/Groundskeepers: starting pay $16/hour. Must have good knowledge of trees/shrubs/plants as well as weeds. Responsible for maintaining landscape at commercial properties, including: weeding, shrub trimming/shaping, light tree trimming, planting/removal, etc. Flexible schedule. Must be self-directed, thorough, and have an interest in landscaping/gardening. All tools and uniform provided. Must also pass background check, have good driving record, strong work references demonstrating experience. APPLY NOW >>



  • NOW HIRING: Plow truck driver: $25/hour, straight blade or V-blade. Must have 3+ years experience, excellent driving record (SOS copy will be required), and impeccable safety record. Must be available 24/7 November 15 through April 15. References required. APPLY NOW >>

  • Heavy equipment operator: $25-30/hour, wheel loaders, skid steers, medium duty dump trucks. Assigned to single job sites up to 100 acres. Must have extensive experience working in busy parking lots. Must have an impeccable safety record and be available 24/7 November 15 through April 15. Current DOT medical card and excellent driving record (SOS copy will be required). References required. APPLY NOW >>